In 1975, Eolane launched its first manufacturing site in Combree France.
Today Eolane is a group consisting of 27 subsidiaries, and 3,500 employees in France,
China, Morocco, Estonia, Germany and India. The company's 2015 turnover is around 400M€.
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Eolane focuses on professional markets, which are characterized by medium to low volume,
high mix and high requirements for quality reliability.
Eolane China is able to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to its customers,
including R&D support, technical consultation, material sourcing, PCB assembly,
box-building, system integration, conformal coating, washing, in-circuit testing, function
testing, aging testing, environment testing, logistics, and after-sales services.
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We believe that our core competitiveness lies in our excellent service and product quality;
"Customers First and Focus on Quality" is our guiding principle in any decision making.
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From the very beginning, Eolane has made a rule of stringent standards of quality and service,
providing its customer with an exceptional level of satisfaction.
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