Eolane Group History
Creation of SELCOCreation of SELCO
Creation of la financiere de I'OmbereeCreation of "la financiere de I'Omberee"
Acquisition of SELEM and d'EURINTELAcquisition of SELEM and d'EURINTEL
Creation  of eolane brand nameCreation of eolane brand name
Aquitition of ALTREL and COMBELAquitition of ALTREL and COMBEL
Creation of Eolane Sourcing ShanghaiCreation of Eolane Sourcing Shanghai
Creation of Eolane SuzhouCreation of Eolane Suzhou
Aquisition of Continental Angers(activity Chip On Board)Aquisition of Continental Angers(activity Chip On Board)
Acquisition of MARTEC and CRBERSYSAcquisition of MARTEC and CRBERSYS
Acquition of NCFAcquition of NCF
Acquitition of Elcoteq Tallinn(Estonia)Acquitition of Elcoteq Tallinn(Estonia)
Acquisition of Elcoteq Bangalore (India)Acquisition of Elcoteq Bangalore (India)
Acquisition of Syscom Berlin (Germany)Acquisition of Syscom Berlin (Germany)
Acquisition of Syscom Berlin (Germany)Creation of Cite de I’Object Connecte Angers
Acquisition of Syscom Berlin (Germany)Creation of eolane IOT City Suzhou
Eolane China History
    2018Auto BU set up Selective soldering 2018
    2017Factory size doubled SMT line 5 2017
    2016Eolane IOT City Suzhou Established 2016
    2015 Eolane Suzhou Upgraded Into Eolane China
    SMT line 4
    2014 National High-tech
    SMT line3
    2013 IRIS 2013
    2012 Conformal coating 2012
    2011 ISO 13485
    MES system
    2011-ETK ISO13485
    2010 LEAN 2010
    2009 ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
    SMT line2
    2009-ISO 14001-02
    2008 TS 16949 2008-TS 16949-01
    2007 ISO 9001 2007-ISO 9001-01
    2006 Eolane Suzhou established
    SMT line 1
    2006 2006
    2005 Eolane Sourcing established 2005
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Eolane China History
about Eolane China
Eolane Value
Customer First An active and prioritized close-at-hand relationship
Keep Commitments Responsibility in relationships
Excellent in Details Perfection within reach of everyone
Waste Control Just enough
Result-Oriented Undertake to win
Respect and Sharing Listening, Training, Information, In-house promotions, Teamwork

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