E H S Policy 环 安 卫 方 针

遵守法规 保护环境 以人为本

LAW---Strictly comply with the applicable EHS legislation and maintain, improve management systems throughout the company to meet our compliance obligations.   

法规---严格遵守适用的环境和职业健康安全法规,维护和完善公司的管理体系,以履行我们的合规义务。 ENVIRONMENT ---The guideline is to foresee hazard and prevent disasters; to reduce risk and prevent injury and illness; to save energy, reduce waste, and prevent pollution; to offer the products and solutions that are safe, energy efficient and environmental friendly; to protect environment, and promote green manufacturing. 

环境---以危险预知、灾害预防为指导原则;降低风险, 预防伤害和疾病;节能降耗,预防污染;提供安全、节能、环保的产品和解决方案;保护环境,促进绿色制造。 

PEOPLE---Maintain a healthy and safe work environment; Improve employees’ awareness and cultivation on EHS by training and supervising; Provide opportunities for all workers to be informed, consulted and participate in workplace EHS activities. 


Aligned with strategic sustainable development, and integrated environment, health and safety considerations into our business processes and involve our partners in our continuous improvement process; Periodically review the performance of EHS management and target to eliminate or reduce management risks 


General Manager: Steven Shen