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Continuous training
Customer-oriented culture


Continuous improvement




SOW (Statement of work)
Customer voice
Supplier support

Continuous Improvement
LEAN management with full employee participation

• LEAN management: Zero Defects: To avoid delays due to defects (ensuring quality at the source)
Zero (Excess) Lot Size: To avoid "waiting inventory" delays
Zero Setup: To minimize setup delay and facilitate small lot sizes
Zero Breakdowns: To avoid stopping tightly coupled lines
Zero (Excess) Handling: To promote flow of parts
Zero Lead-Time: To ensure rapid replenishment of parts
Zero Surging: Necessary in system without work in progress buffers
• LEAN success: • Lean Maturity:

Process control planning SPC implementation CA/PA Error proofing
Total Quality Management
Everyone is responsible for Quality

Takes into account all quality measures taken at all levels and involving all company employees

Quality is everything we do

From decentralized management to comprehensive quality system management at each stage of product realization

Doing things right the first time

Promote quality consciousness and set up the concept of quality cost throughout company

PDCA approach

From RESULT control to PROCESS control, continuous improve product & service quality by process optimization

Total Quality Management

Everyone is responsiis responsible for qualityble fornsiis responsible for qualityble for qualityEveryone is responsible for quality
From quality criteria compliance to customer satisfaction

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